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Patio heaters

The latest design with low running costs

The very latest in patio heaters are these new slim line electric panels. Available in a range of sizes to suit all areas they are considerably less expensive to run than bottled gas patio heaters.

The slim line panels are permanently mounted overhead in your covered patio or pergola and are always available when heating is needed. Simply switch it on, no need to worry about difficult to light gas heaters or even worse, the gas running out half way through your party.

A radiant panel, distributes heat mainly by radiating it, just like the sun!

Radiant panel heater

Correct placement of panels enables "Comfort Zones" to be created.

There are six different models to choose from. Designed to heat a small area over a table right through to larger outdoor rooms. Correct design and placement is the key and we will advise on their best use.

Patio heaters can be incorporated into new patio, pergola, spa and pool enclosure designs or fitted to existing structures.


We can deliver heaters ready for installation to NSW, SA and Victoria

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